A Woman Allegedly Poisoned Her Boyfriend's Lemonade Because He 'Wouldn't Shut Up'

Police say he survived and he was "not sure why" she would spike his drink.

A Woman Allegedly Poisoned Her Boyfriend's Lemonade Because He 'Wouldn't Shut Up'
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A Florida woman was so fed up with her boyfriend that she allegedly poisoned his drink to get him to shut up.

Police say Alvis Parrish, 54, poisoned boyfriend William Carter's lemonade with the psychotic drug Seroquel on December 7 in Jacksonville. Then she called the police herself.

When police from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrived, she told them she did it "because he wouldn't shut the f*** up," according to a police report obtained by the Associated Press.

She added that she gave him "just enough" poison to shut him up but not kill him and then called the cops "so he wouldn't die," the police report said.

The couple had reportedly been living together for nine years before she had enough.

As she was getting handcuffed, Parrish reportedly added: "Do whatever you want. If you don't take me, I will kill him."

Apparently, Parrish was also slurring her words and appeared to be intoxicated.

Parrish also wrote down what she had done in a notebook, the report said.

Although "extremely lethargic," Carter survived the incident and was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated.

He reportedly told the officers that he noticed his lemonade tasted off and constantly complained about being tired.

"Not sure why she would give me that, I don't take Seroquel," Carter told the officers, according to First Coast News.

Seroquel is typically used to treat patients with bipolar and schizophrenia.

When police searched the property, they found a bottle of lemonade with a powdery substance at the bottom.

Parrish was arrested at the scene and charged with poisoning food or water with the intent to kill or injure.

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