Flights are waiting for you. The Air Canada sale for Canada Day is on now but you don't actually have to travel until 2021. So, you can book now for a vacation that you'll take next year.

To celebrate Canada Day, the Montreal-based airline is offering a deal on flights within the country along with ones to the U.S., Europe and down south.

With the patriotic seat sale, you have to book your flight by July 2 but there's lots of flexibility on when those flights can be.

You just have to book a trip that takes off by June 15, 2021.

So, that gives you a whole year to travel and for things to reopen again.

There's a flight from Toronto to Vancouver in August for $220 one-way and one from St. John's to Halifax for $134 one-way in December included in the sale.

You can fly one-way from Toronto to Honolulu in October for $301.

There are down south options as well, like flights to Aruba, Jamaica, Barbados, Costa Rica and more.

If you want to take a trip to Europe, a roundtrip flight between Toronto and Dublin in January 2021 is $590.

It'll cost you $863 to take a roundtrip flight between Montreal and Brussels in May 2021.

If you take advantage of Air Canada's sale, it's important to know that temperature checks have been mandated at Canadian airports.

This will first apply to passengers coming into Canada, then those travelling out of the country and then those flying within the country.

If you have a fever, you won't be allowed to board the plane.

By the end of July, temperature screening stations will be set up at the four largest airports in the country.

After that, they'll be placed at the next 11 busiest airports by the end of September. 

There is currently a global travel advisory in place until further notice that warns against all non-essential travel outside of the country.

Canada had to recently remind people of that advisory as destinations around the world start reopening to tourists.

Countries including Italy, Iceland and Greece have started to let people visit again.

Others like the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic will be doing the same in the coming month.

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