Dr. Hinshaw Says Alberta's Skyrocketing COVID-19 Numbers Are 'Heartbreaking'

There were more than 300 new cases this weekend alone.
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Alberta COVID-19 Cases Grew By 300 Over The Weekend & The Curve Is No Longer Flat

Health officials have come forward with the latest number of Alberta COVID-19 cases and the province's top doctor is saddened to see them this high. According to the latest data, the curve is no longer flat and over the Friday, July 24 weekend, the number of new cases and deaths rose significantly. Dr. Deena Hinshaw has called these skyrocketing numbers “heartbreaking.”

The current COVID-19 data posted on the provincial website shows that there have been 10,390 confirmed cases in Alberta. 

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Of those cases, 110 were confirmed on Friday, July 24 with an additional 103 and 91 cases on Saturday and Sunday. 

That means that over this past weekend alone, there were over 300 new confirmed cases. 

Right now, there are 1,430 active cases in the province with a majority coming from the Calgary zone. 

The number of deaths also rose by eight over the weekend which means 186 individuals have passed away due to COVID-19 in the province. 

Hinshaw called this a “heartbreaking number to report” during a press conference on Monday, July 27. 

Of the latest deaths, five of the people lived at Good Samaritan Southgate Care Centre in Edmonton. CTV News has reported that in that area, there have been 78 active cases. 

"We continue to identify high numbers of cases across the province," Hinshaw said. 

"As we see in the case numbers, the curve is no longer flat in Alberta."

During the first week in May, it was reported by Hinshaw that the COVID-19 growth curve in Alberta had finally flattened.

Due to this, many businesses were given the go-ahead to reopen including restaurants, pubs, and hair salons. 

While health and safety protocols are in place, Hinshaw is encouraging everyone to wear protective gear by asking Albertans to post photos of themselves wearing their favourite masks. 

Other areas of the province are taking a more hands-on approach and are making masks mandatory both indoors and outdoors. 

Should anyone be caught without one in Banff, they could face a $150 fine

Since reopening provincial parks, Banff has been seeing a large number of people come through. 

They have also fallen victim to the “Alaska loophole” which is when people from the U.S. get into Canada to travel by telling the border security that they’re going to Alaska. 

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