Some serious waves are being made by a Thunder Bay resident who's been getting creative in recent weeks. An Ontario water-skier who competes for Team Canada has made some serious waves online this week.

Landon Letwin has picked up the attention of the internet with a video posted that shows him doing some pretty awesome water-skiing tricks, including skiing barefoot! 

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Letwin has been adding to his repertoire of tricks over the course of the pandemic and has even added pushs-up on water to the list! 

The video made the national media, even briefly going international when Good Morning America played the footage, CBC reported.

Letwin is a professional skier who would have been in international competitions this summer were it not for the COVID-19 crisis and travel bans.

We wonder what tricks Letwin will have up his sleeve by the end of summer. Judging by the variety of tricks on his social media, next season will be a piece of cake!