An Out-Of-Control Truck Plowed Through A Quiet Street In Australia & The Video Is So Scary

The truck took out a bus stop!

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Dashcam video of the truck swerving down a street in Australia.

Dashcam video of the truck swerving down a street in Australia.

Dashcam video captured a scary scene on a quiet street in Australia after a truck swerved onto a sidewalk, took out a lamp post and then crushed a bus stop.

The video posted on YouTube shows the truck cruising along Hampstead Road in Adelaide, South Australia, before it takes out a few fences and avoids hitting vehicles waiting at an intersection.

Virtual Reality Experience shared the video and included in the caption that the crash took place on February 28.

Storyful reports the video was taken by Paul Brackley, who was the first person on the scene.

"There was a very loud crunch, and looking in my rear mirror, I saw the truck was out of control and bearing down on me," the YouTube caption reads.

"For a few seconds, I thought I was a goner. I accelerated away and realized he had mounted the pavement and was crashing into everything."

Dashcam of B Double truck crashing in

Brackley noted in the YouTube post that he helped the driver out of the cabin.

"He had blood on his face but was otherwise OK and he told me he had just fainted. He then almost collapsed on the ground."

The man also told Storyful he heard sounds coming from the truck.

"There was a really terrible noise coming from the truck, and I thought it might even blow up or catch fire; I learnt afterwards the truck had hit a gas main," he said.

A report by 7 News says the driver of the out-of-control truck "escaped with barely a scratch."

The truck didn't hit anyone in the crash, but four homes were damaged, as reported by 7 News.

South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service told the news station that considering the time of day the crash happened, the outcome could have been much worse.

The company that owns the truck, DTL Timbers, told Australia's that the crash happened because the driver suffered a medical episode behind the wheel.

“At this stage, he‘s still trying to recall what happened," a spokesperson for the company said. "He’s really, really grateful that nobody was injured in any way shape or form."

Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
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