Christmas has come and gone but the sales are still on. A number of retailers across Canada are stretching out deals this week and Aritzia's Boxing Day sale is no exception. 

The Canadian company has what they are calling "deeper markdowns" on a lot of the cozy clothing items which could be helpful since winter is underway now. 

According to their website, they have added over 300 products to this sale which is up to 50% off. 

For those in lockdown right now, you can still take advantage of it online. Plus shipping is free if you spend over $50, which is easy to do at Aritzia. 

For those looking to stay warm this winter, these six deals could help. 

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The Cloud Puff

Price: $199.00 ($298.00)

Details: A puffy, down jacket is a staple for surviving winter. The cute colours this one comes in would definitely make you easy to spot in the snow too.

Thermal Cowlneck 

Price: $30.00 ($50.00)

Details: A cozy cowl is ideal for keeping the wind off your neck and the thermal waffle knit on this one would help keep you even warmer.

The Teddy Coat

Price: $249.00 ($298.00)

Details: This may not be the biggest deal on the site, but this coat is essentially like walking around in a blanket with sleeves, which seems like a wintry win.

Wool Cashmere Cape

Price: $73.99 ($148.00)

Details: Who doesn't love a cape? This is another piece of clothing that's basically like wearing a blanket. So cozy!

Cuff Beanie

Price: $24.00 ($40.00)

Details: Some might call this a toque, but whatever you call it, it's made from alpaca wool from Italy so you'll keep your head nice and hot.

New Tie-Front Pant

Price: $68.99 ($138.00)

Details: A plaid pant is a popular look for this season. While the fact that these are cropped isn't the best for frolicking in the snow, adding some boots could help make them cozy.