According to Atlanta Georgia weather forecasts, starting this Saturday, July 18, the city will be hit with another round of back-to-back days of thunderstorms that might get in the way of those last summer pool days.

With these thunderstorms comes humidity and high temps and residents of Atlanta can expect to see heat hovering in the high 80s and low 90s over the next two weeks.


Straight days of thunderstorms

Throughout the 11 days, the percentage chance for rain and thunderstorms ranges anywhere between 30% and 80%. So there's still a chance to escape with some dry days.

The Weather Channel reports that the wind speed won't exceed 8 mph, so there's no need to board up the houses or nail down outdoor furniture. 

Florida is also expecting almost two-weeks of thunderstorms following a tropical storm hanging out near The Panhandle, so you may want to travel north if you're looking to spend some time outdoors.

Via The Weather Channel