The Georgia Aquarium Is Hosting A Boozy Adult-Only Party This May & It’s Pirate-Themed

Pop bottles with the dolphins after hours! 🐬 🍾

Georgia Contributing Writer
​A whale shark and manta ray at the Georgia Aquarium. Right: A woman in a yellow tank top poses in the Georgia Aquarium.

A whale shark and manta ray at the Georgia Aquarium. Right: A woman in a yellow tank top poses in the Georgia Aquarium.

Georgia Aquarium's adult-only event, 'Sips Under The Sea,' is back on May 13. The largest aquarium in the U.S. draws large crowds daily, as visitors from all over the world file through the aquarium's impressive exhibits.

But this exclusive night could appeal to adult patrons wishing to avoid the hustle and bustle of daily operations. Guests 21+ can take in the wonders of the underwater tunnel of the Ocean Voyager exhibit without having to navigate through throngs of strollers.

The theme for the upcoming soirée is 'Pirate Party." Attendees are asked to dress up in their best pirate costumes for a night of lighthearted fun. There will be a live DJ, popular cocktails, and dining options.

All of the main galleries will be open for guests to explore, including their newest SHARKS! Predators of the Deep exhibit. Their website describes this as "one of the largest and most dynamic shark exhibits in North America" where you can come "face to face with the most enigmatic and misunderstood creatures in the sea."

Cold Water Quest will also be open if you prefer to sip your craft cocktail in the presence of adorable beluga whales and African Penguins.

While masks are no longer required to attend these events, they are necessary for all Animal Encounter programs, and we strongly recommend you bring one with you. Masks will be available by request at the entrance gate, and staff members are asked to wear them for the duration of their shifts.

Sips Under The Sea — Pirate Party

Price: Members: VIP advance — $56.95, general admission advance — $42.95, non-members: VIP advance — $61.95, general admission advance — $46.95

When: May 13, 2022

Address: 225 Baker St. N.W., Atlanta, GA

Why You Need To Go: This themed soirée is a more intimate experience for guests that want to enjoy all the wonders of the aquarium while avoiding the everyday commotion of normal business hours.


Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
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