You Can Get The Same COVID-19 Treatment As President Trump In Atlanta

The clinical trials are happening in Sandy Springs right now.
Donald Trump's Coronavirus Treatment

The experimental antibody treatment that President Trump received for coronavirus is under clinical trials for the public in Atlanta, and research facilities are looking for people who have been exposed to the virus to participate in the study.

Selected candidates will be treated with the same drug concoction that was given to President Trump while he was admitted at Walter Reed Medical Center with COVID-19. 

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Who can join the trial?

Researchers are looking for people aged 18 and over who live with someone who has just tested positive for COVID-19.

Eligible Atlantans must sign up for the study within 96 hours of being exposed to the coronavirus. This quick turnaround has been the most challenging factor in the study so far, making it hard to find participants in the city during such a short timeframe.

Dr. Shraddha Dubal, the Clinical Research Site Manager at Wake Research in Atlanta, has asked the public, "If anyone in someone's household tests positive, we need them to call us immediately so we can start that screening." 

What exactly is the treatment?

The drug that will be administered is called REGN-COV2 and it is considered one of the most promising treatments available in the U.S.

The drug cocktail is a combination of two antibodies that have the ability to block the virus that causes COVID-19 if it's caught early enough, therefore preventing the virus from spreading.

According to Dr. Dubal, the antibody treatment is safe and the most common side effect is irritation at the injection site. Dr. Dubal added that since the treatment is not a vaccine, "It’s supposed to respond much faster and help prevent infection and/or lessen the severity of symptoms."

Where are the clinical trials happening?

Trials are being held at the Mount Vernon Clinical Research Facility in Sandy Springs.

Potential candidates can call Mount Vernon Clinical Research at (404) 843-4400, text "COVID" to (470) 863-1968, or visit to enroll online.

If you are selected to participate in the antibody trial, you could be compensated up to $3,250 for your time and travel.

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