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You Can Soar Through The Fall Colored Trees On This Massive Zip Line Near Atlanta

You can't beat autumn adventures from an aerial view! ūüėćūüćĀ

One of the most appealing parts of fall is the luster of leaves painting the forest with the warmth of red, orange, and yellow. There are endless hiking trails to discover the Georgia mountains' foliage at eye level, but you can take in its vibrant glory from a bird's eye view and experience a new perspective on an autumn adventure. This zipline in Georgia is one of the largest in the world and it offers an exclusive adrenaline rush with views of the treetops.

Historic Banning Mills is a multi-faceted land of adventure in Whitesburg, Georgia. You'll find outdoor activities galore, but one of the most notable is their zipline tours.

With several packages that increase in levels of extreme endorphin-pumping fun, you can reach up to 75 mph along a 2,500 foot-long line on the level 4: Extreme Zip Line Canopy Tour.

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Each tour extends beyond zooming through the forest on over 100 zip lines using their patented closed belay system. You'll also get to explore and climb massive towers and trek on over 72 sky bridges, including a 600-foot sky suspension bridge.

With a prime location in West Georgia, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the lush forested canopy beneath them as they glide through the woodlands, which will soon transition from bright green to a palette of flamboyant fall hues.

At Historic Banning mills, a picturesque panorama surrounds every angle, and the aerial view of the beloved bright fall colors is unmatched.

In addition to ziplining, Historic Banning Mills offers camping, rustic lodging, horseback riding, kayaking, and much more.

They even have the world's largest climbing wall, certified by the Guinness World Records. Guinness has also named Historic Banning Mills' "Screaming Eagle" tour as the longest and largest zipline canopy tour in the world.

No matter which of the six tours you choose, you'll get to satisfy your thrills and fulfill your fall foliage fantasies in a prismatic multi-colored wonderland. You can even book a spa day on-site after a long day of outdoor fun.

Historic Banning Mills Zipline

Price: $49+ depending on which adventure you book

Address: 205 Horseshoe Dam Rd, Whitesburg, GA

Why You Need To Go: The best way to soak up all the fall colors, by flying through the trees on a zipline. Equal parts fun and beautiful, and fairly affordable too.

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