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Aunt Jemima Got A New Name After Years Of Controversy & It Will Hit Stores This Summer

"We acknowledge that our origins were based on a racial stereotype."
Aunt Jemima Got A New Name After Years Of Controversy & It Will Hit Stores This Summer

The well-known syrup and pancake brand Aunt Jemima just got a new name and will get a new face in the summer of 2021. 

In a press release, the company announced the change in branding after the controversy regarding racial stereotypes attached to the current label.

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While work has been done over the years to evolve our brand... we realize that those changes are not enough. Pearl Milling Company

Aunt Jemima will now be known as Pearl Milling Company.

The move apparently comes after PepsiCo and The Quaker Oats Company committed to scraping the old name and image because it did not "reflect" their "core values."

"We are committed to progress, which includes both removing the image of Aunt Jemima and changing our name. Aunt Jemima has existed for more than 130 years, and we acknowledge that our origins were based on a racial stereotype," the company said on their website.

Additionally, the company said the new name also has a history of its own. According to the statement, it has been a part of their "story" for more than 130 years too.

"Pearl Milling Company was a small mill in the bustling town of St. Joseph, Missouri. Using a pearl milling technique, they produced flour, cornmeal, and, beginning in 1889, the famous self-rising pancake mix that would go on to be known as Aunt Jemima."   

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