An Australian Was Attacked By A Giant Croc & Survived By Pulling Its ‘Jaws Off His Head’

He ended up with puncture marks in his head! 🐊
Australian Attacked By A Crocodile Survived By Pulling Its ‘Jaws Off His Head’
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Crikey, Australia! An Australian attacked by a crocodile revealed exactly how he survived the ordeal and it’s a pretty wild story.

A 44-year-old man was swimming in Queensland’s Lake Placid when he was attacked by a crocodile believed to be between 4.9 feet and 6.5 feet long.

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It was clear from our assessment of him that there were puncture marks. Responding critical care paramedic

According to a report from BBC News, the saltwater croc caught the man’s head in its jaws, leaving him with “lacerations” and “puncture marks.”

The Australian told officials he was able to escape by putting his hands in the mouth of the animal and prising its jaws apart.

He then managed to swim a significant distance back to the shore, before pulling himself safely onto the bank.

According to Australian health services, the individual was “remarkably calm” following the incident, although he was later taken to hospital.

He escaped with minor injuries and is even expected to return to the same waters (where he regularly swims) once he has made a full recovery.

Officials in the country have sent wildlife officers to the lake to investigate the attack and have urged locals to always be “Crocwise” in similar areas.

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