Here's What We Know About 'Bachelor' Contestant Kaity Biggar & Her Life In Ontario (PHOTOS)

You probably have more in common than you think.

Kaity and Zach on 'The Bachelor.' Right: Kaity holding a drink.
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Kaity and Zach on 'The Bachelor.' Right: Kaity holding a drink.

The BachelorSeason 27 is about to come to a close and there are now just two women competing for Zach Shallcross's heart. One of the hopeful finalists is Kaity Biggar, and while she lives in Austin, Texas, she's originally from Ontario.

Biggar grew up in the city of Kingston before moving to the US. It looks like the 28-year-old is back in Ontario because she recently posted a photo of herself with a group of friends at a Kingston restaurant. Several Instagram users are pointing out that her left hand is hidden, so who knows, she might just be the one who ends up with a ring.

What was Biggar's life like before she joined The Bachelor in search of love? Her time spent in Canada seems pretty relatable, and here's what we know.

She went to university in Ontario

Biggar is a registered nurse and by the looks of things she studied at two Ontario universities. Biggar can be seen wearing "Queen's University" gear in several of her Instagram photos and she's got plenty of school spirit.

She also posted a picture of herself during graduation from a nursing program at Laurentian University in 2019.

She's seen some iconic Canadian landscapes

Biggar's Instagram page is full of travel photos, including some that feature gorgeous Canadian landscapes. She has visited the iconic Lake Louise in Alberta as well as Peyto Lake and Yoho National Park.

She's hung out at some classic Kingston spots

The Kingston local knows how to have fun in the city. She's taken photos at some iconic Kingston spots including The Pier, Wooden Head's restaurant, the Juniper Cafe, and night clubs like Stages and Ale House.

She loves a music festival

Who doesn't love to get groovy? Biggar has visited a few music festivals in Ontario according to her Instagram page. She's posted photos at the Toronto Jazz Festival, Boots & Hearts, and the MacKinnon Brothers Beer & Music Festival.

She's had some nights out in the 6ix

While she comes from a smaller city, Biggar has also taken a few trips to Toronto, or, as she called it, "the six." It looks like she celebrated her 27th birthday at The Parlour. An Instagram photo shows her in and some friends in the restaurant's secret powder room.

This article has been updated since it was originally published on February 13, 2023.

Madeline Forsyth
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