'The Bachelor' Premiere Didn't Go Over Well & Fans Are Roasting These Scenes In Particular

People hated the "griddy" scene!

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Some of the contestants on The Bachelor. Right: Zach Shallcross this season's Bachelor.

Some of the contestants on The Bachelor. Right: Zach Shallcross this season's Bachelor.

The new season of The Bachelor aired on Monday night and the online reaction has not been kind to the latest version of the reality show.

A lot of the chatter is around the leading man, Zach Shallcross, and the interactions he had with some of the 30 women on his season.

From sampling maple syrup to spraying sunscreen on a contestant and even meeting one of the lady's pigs (she's a pig farmer), a number of women made sure they would stand out for America's bachelor.

However, it was several other moments in the episode that left lasting impressions on viewers.

Here are some of the most talked about moments online.

He's been nicknamed the "boring Bachelor"

There has been so much conversation about Shallcross being a "boring" bachelor.

One person on Twitter said the first episode was so boring and "cringe" that they had to turn it off after 10 minutes.

It looks like Shallcross has heard that people think he's boring because he even addressed it in an interview.

He told the Hollywood Reporter that fans who think the show will have "no drama" will be "pleasantly surprised."

"The reality is, if you are someone that likes the show because you want people to find true love and an actual focus on what it’s supposed to be about — not about acting, not about this and that — then I think fans are gonna love it," he said.

"If you’re into the unnecessary drama and stuff that’s just like ridiculous and doesn’t make sense, then yeah, maybe I’m not the guy for you."

Looks like some viewers are willing to give him a chance. One person on Twitter pointed out that former bachelor Sean Lowe, who became a fan favorite, was once called "boring" but he ended up doing "OK."

People have strong feelings about the "griddy scene"

Much of the conversation after Monday's episode is about the "Griddy scene" between Shallcross and Madison Johnson.

After pulling Shallcross aside for the second time, Johnson teaches Shallcross how to Griddy and not only did the bachelor look awkward doing the move, but many people felt awkward watching it play out on TV.

One viewer tweeted the show has officially "killed the Griddy."

Several women kissed the bachelor, but one was very awkward

Shallcross kissed seven women on the first night and one smooch stuck out in particular because of how awkward it was to watch.

Johnson made it clear she wanted to kiss the Bachelor and she went in for one after Shallcross hugged her.

Johnson, 26, was not pleased with how it went calling it "sub par" and just "a peck."

Clearly Shallcross wasn't into it either.

"I don't know if I was feeling that kiss," he said in a one-on-one with the camera. "It didn't feel right."

One woman licked the bachelor after exiting the limo

Contestants over the years will do some pretty outrageous things to stand out from the crowd and this year that included getting close to the Bachelor in a whole new way.

Fans online seemed stunned by the fact that Lekha licked Shallcross's ear during their first interaction.

"I licked it so now it's mine," she told Shallcross.

According to US Weekly, Shallcross was not a fan of that moment. He sent her home by the end of the night.

He sent home 10 women on night one

Shallcross sent 10 women home on Monday night, including one woman before the actual rose ceremony.

After crying on camera about her failed interactions with Shallcross, Johnson went to talk to the leading man to see how he felt about her.

"I don't want to force things and I want things to come natural," Madison told Shallcross. "I just want to make sure you want me on this journey."

Shallcross admitted he didn't feel a connection and she slowly walked away, ending her journey on the show.

The Bachelor will air every Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC and Citytv in Canada.

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Associate Editor, Global
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