So Many Hikers Got Lost & Hurt In Alberta This Weekend That Rescue Calls Broke Records

They shut an entire mountain down.
Rockies Rescue Calls Broke Records Because There Were So Many Lost Or Hurt Hikers

Rocky Mountain rescue teams have never been busier. 

Kananaskis Public Safety revealed that between Friday, July 10 and Sunday, July 12, they attended a record number of Rockies rescue calls due to a large number of visitors. 

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Over 20

rescue calls were made over the weekend alone

There were over three back-to-back rescue calls at Mount Yamuska on Saturday alone; the mountain was shut down to the public for 24 hours as a result. 

The rescue team included five rescue specialists, 15 conservation officers, six dispatchers, public safety specialists, and a helicopter crew. 

Resources were maxed out and authorities fear things could get worse if visitation keeps up at the current rate. 

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