Banff Has A Famous Fondue Restaurant & It's So Retro That There Are Phones At Every Table

You can call from table to table while you eat all the fondue. 🧀
Banff Has A Famous Fondue Restaurant & It's So Retro That There Are Phones At Every Table

Everyone loves fondue and that is a fact. If you're in Banff and are itching for a super local experience, you've found it. Not only does Banff Grizzly House serve up some delicious fondue but it's also got a phone at every table. How old-school is that?

Banff may be known for the surreal nature sights found all over the place but its food game isn't too shabby either. 

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Grizzly House has all the types of fondue you could ask for like cheese, oil, chocolate, and even hot stones to cook your meat directly on.

You even get your own plate of different dipping sauces. It's also known for its wild meat selection including beef, buffalo, chicken, rattlesnake, lobster, shark, cheese and chocolate. 

They also serve up varieties of wild game and Alberta beef steaks if you're in the mood to fill up on some hearty, meaty dishes. 

Amidst the cold, brutal winter days, you need someplace warm and comfortable to sneak off to. Dipping your food in scrumptious, hot fondue will warm you up and leave you begging for more. But not actually, you'll be so full. 

Whereas the patio space set up during the summer is perfect if you can't take your eyes off the mountains. 

The interior of the place will reinforce the retro feeling. Wood-panelled walls, a wooden sculpture of a bear, bearskin rugs, a buffalo head — the decor will stun you and transport you to an old-fashioned hunting lodge. 

There's a reason why this restaurant is so famous with locals and tourists alike. 

If you're wondering about the phones, there's a sweet little bit of history associated with them. 

The establishment started off as a disco club in 1967. According to the website, it was Western Canada's first disco. 

The phones actually still work and you can use them to make calls table-to-table. Don't be surprised if the landline begins to ring while you're in the middle of a fondue-dipping session

In terms of the menu, Grizzly House offers both individual fondue bowls and four-course meals. The individual portions start at $29.95. 

The four-course meal starts at $47.95 and includes a soup/salad, a fondue appetizer, a meat fondue as the main, and a dessert fondue with fresh fruit. This meal serves two people. 

Get your stretchy pants ready because there's a lot of food to get through. 

Banff Grizzly House

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Steakhouse

Address: 207 Banff Ave., Banff, AB

Why You Need To Go: To enjoy the best fondue around at a super famous restaurant. 

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