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8 Amazing Places To Stop For Lunch The Next Time You Drive Through Canmore

An inside scoop. 🏔️

If you love cute towns and mountain life, chances are that you'll come upon Canmore at some point in your life (or maybe every weekend). So it's always a good idea to keep track of the local restaurants in case you decide to stop in for something to eat on the way to your next hike. These are some Canmore restaurants that will make your time in the town just that much better. 

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Banff Has A Famous Fondue Restaurant & It's So Retro That There Are Phones At Every Table

You can call from table to table while you eat all the fondue. 🧀

Everyone loves fondue and that is a fact. If you're in Banff and are itching for a super local experience, you've found it. Not only does Banff Grizzly House serve up some delicious fondue but it's also got a phone at every table. How old-school is that?

Banff may be known for the surreal nature sights found all over the place but its food game isn't too shabby either. 

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