If you're waiting for the Bath & Body Works Canada online store to launch but still want to get candles, fragrances, soaps and more delivered to you, there's a way to do so.

With the Canadian site, you can't order online and you have to go in-store to get items but the pandemic has made that a bit difficult so here's a hack to help you out.

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The Bath & Body Works site for the U.S. has an online shopping feature and Canadians can take advantage of it while waiting.

You can find body care products, hand soaps, home fragrances like candles and more along with an entire section dedicated to deals so you can save some money!

When shopping, it's important to remember that all the prices are in USD which means you'll probably end up being charged more on your credit card because of the conversion rate.

Once you've got all the items you want in your bag and hit checkout, be sure to change the country in the shipping address section to Canada so your order goes to the right place.

Standard shipping costs about $9.99 and takes around three to eight days.

There is currently no launch date for the Canadian online store but it's one of the retailer's 2021 resolutions.