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Bell Is Making Everyone's Internet Unlimited For Over 2 Weeks To Celebrate The Holidays

Some Crave shows and movies are on free preview now too.
Bell Internet Will Be Unlimited For Everyone For Over 2 Weeks To Celebrate The Holidays

For just over two weeks, Bell internet will be unlimited for everyone even if they don't have an unlimited plan and it's to help people celebrate the holidays at home.

Bell Canada announced that, as of December 18, all residential internet overage fees will be waived for anyone who doesn't have an unlimited plan right now.

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January 4 when the free unlimited internet ends

This deal that gets rid of extra usage fees runs from December 18 until January 4 which is just a little over two weeks.

It will happen automatically so that nothing will have to be done by customers.

Any overage fees during this time will be removed from accounts by Bell.

To celebrate the holidays even more, the communications company is also making some Crave shows and movies available for free preview until January 11, like season one of Letterkenny and Ray Donovan.

Christmas movies like It's A Wonderful Life and holiday episodes of shows like Seinfeld can be viewed until January 5.

When it comes to phone plans, Canada is tracking the ones offered by Bell, Rogers and TELUS because those companies have to reduce plan prices over the next two years.

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