Someone's Illegal Birthday Party In York Region Just Caused A COVID-19 Outbreak

Half of the guests became infected.
A York Birthday Party Hosted In Lockdown Causes COVID-19 Outbreak

A homeowner in Vaughan has been fined after breaking provincial restrictions to host a birthday party on December 6.

The party took place while York Region was in the Red-Control zone, meaning only five people can get together indoors for a social gathering.

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To date there have been 11 [COVID-19] cases identified, ranging from 3 years of age to 54 years of age. York Region Public Health

The homeowner invited 22 guests, according to York Region Public Health, and half of those guests became infected.

The event apparently had 18 people indoors, and everyone who attended had to be notified of exposure. 

Guests who dropped presents off outdoors and remained outside were deemed low-risk.

Of the 11 cases from the party, 9 are located in York Region and 2 are in Toronto.

The public health unit stated that all close contacts of the 11 confirmed cases have been notified. 

On Thursday, a fine of $750 was issued to the homeowner with a $130 surcharge, a total of $880.