Bell Just Explained How Customers Can Fix The 'Incorrect Time Change' On Their Phones

Some clients are now calling for refunds and money back for missed work.👇

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Bell Just Explained How Customers Can Fix The 'Incorrect Time Change' On Their Phones

Bell has issued a fix for customers who are still experiencing the incorrect time zone on their mobile phones.

In a statement shared with Narcity on Monday, November 1, the company confirmed that the issue has been resolved but said some clients may still need to take action "to trigger the time change."

Bell says that rebooting your device or activating and then deactivating airplane mode should help to correct the issue.

"We'd like to thank everyone for their patience," the short notice concluded.

A few hours earlier, the company issued a statement on Twitter confirming that some clients may have experienced an "incorrect time change" on their phones, with displays updating overnight without the customers' knowledge.

Some Twitter users say they were late for work or missed their shift altogether, leading some to call for refunds or compensation.

"Are you going to pay my husband for the full day of work he missed as a result? Some workplaces have a zero-tolerance policy for lateness so you end up taking the whole day off instead," one person responded.

Another asked, "So, you guys going to reimburse people for being late/missing work?"

"Will there be compensation to people who missed work appointments? Like me?" somebody else tweeted, while another claimed that their child missed their school bus due to the error.

Bell is yet to respond to the calls for refunds, but apologized for the situation early on Monday.

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