'Big Brother Canada' Houseguest Gets Real About Life In The House & Why It Was So Hard

We chat with the latest evictee about all the drama.
Big Brother Canada Houseguest Speaks To Their Difficult Experience

The second week of Big Brother CanadaSeason 9 has officially come to an end and, with that, we've said goodbye to another houseguest. Fair warning, spoilers lie ahead. 

In an interview with Narcity, the evicted houseguest told us about their struggles in the house. 

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Josh Farnworth, from New West, B.C., was voted off unanimously after two drama-filled weeks. 

Josh, a self-described loner and introvert, told us about his experience on the show, the trials and tribulations, and what he would have done differently. 

What was the most difficult part about living in the Big Brother Canada house?

When Josh was nominated to potentially be evicted this week, he began to strategize and have conversations with other players.

To some, he used his clear position as the most vulnerable player as an argument to keep him around, continually reinforcing that he wasn't a threat.

He also sprinkled in a little drama by saying that fellow houseguest Jedson Tavernier's name had been in the mouths of some of the other contestants as a potential threat to get rid of. Right away, Jedson called a house meeting to air out everything that Josh had confided in him about.

“I don’t understand necessarily why I was the only person who wasn’t allowed to play the game or discuss it. If I did I would get a house meeting called on me!" Josh said, pointing a finger at Jed.

He also said that he's been hearing whispers about people discussing him in "not the nicest light."

"You guys have to sleep with that," he said, referring to his former roommates, "I don't."

What was life like in the house?

Believe it or not, Josh said another struggle of Big Brother Canada life was boredom. 

"What’s really difficult about the game is that I get bored easily and there are legitimately days where nothing happens," the former houseguest shared. 

"Add in the fact that no one wanted to be my friend, I was so bored some days that causing chaos was a little bit for my own entertainment." 

Throughout the season, we've seen Josh express anxiety surrounding a potential "boys' alliance" that didn't include him. 

Why were you so afraid of a boys’ alliance?

Josh broke down in a conversation with fellow contestant Julie Vu during the third episode of the show over his concerns about an alliance between the hyper-masculine men in the house. 

"Hearing all the guys talk about how their previous favourite houseguests were members of the pretty boys’ alliance was just very suspicious, they were starting to hang out a lot," he said. 

"I didn’t want to see a boys alliance dominate the season, that’s not the season I wanted to be a part of; ultimately, I wanted to call it out before it got any further." 

He said that the guys he was worried about, including houseguest Tychon Carter-Newman and Jed, are not only strong but also very smart and social.

“It would have just been a very difficult thing to break up," he said. 

Meanwhile, there was an alliance taking place. The alliance, called The Sunsetters, includes Ty and Jed as well as contestants Tina Thistle, Kiefer Collison, Beth Bieda, and Latoya Anderson. 

Josh found out about The Sunsetters just moments before he left the show for good. 

“I had a hunch about The Sunsetters, but my hunch was off by one person. I was shocked that Beth was part of it and that it wasn’t Tera," he told us. 

Looking back, what would you have done differently?

"I went out swinging. I was playing the game that I kind of found myself enjoying," he began. 

"I maybe would have pushed harder for an alliance sooner. I did have some stuff going, it kind of all fell apart." 

He continued to say "I also think I should have campaigned harder to get Roh out that first week, that’s what I should have done differently," speaking about the houseguest who was up against him in the eviction vote. 

He said he had a lot of foresight on what was going to happen.

“I feel kinda like the kooky old scientist in a natural disaster movie, running saying something’s going to happen and everyone’s going 'okaaaay.' It’s going to happen!”