Canada's First Blizzard Of Fall Is Happening Today In At Least One Province

A little preview of the winter season that's on the horizon.
Blizzard In Canada That's Hitting This Province Is The First One Of Fall
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Well, this is kind of an accomplishment! There's a blizzard in Canada that's impacting one province and it's the country's first one of the autumn season.

Northern Labrador will get the honour of experiencing this year's first fall blizzard on October 1.

What a way to start off the month!

Snow will be coming down right at the northern tip of the province plus northern Quebec and Nunavut's Killiniq Island could also be affected.

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More than 30 cm snowfall totals for parts of northern Labrador

Since this is a blizzard, there will be a lot of snow, but there are more nasty conditions too.

Snowfall totals could be more than 30 cm in some places.

Powerful wind gusts between 50 km/h and 65 km/h are forecasted along with the heavy snow.

The strong winds are being driven by a low-pressure system that's developing over the area and it's unusually deep.

With official blizzard criteria in Canada set at sustained winds of 40 km/h or greater, visibility reduced to 400 metres or less and at least 4 hours of snow or blowing snow, this storm should meet the requirements.

A blizzard on October 1 might be surprising to some and scary to others who aren't fans of winter but it's not actually uncommon for this part of the country.

Temperatures are normally around 3 C or 4 C this time of year which is cold enough for snow to fall.

In Labrador, flakes fall even in the spring. A town there got hit by a snowstorm in June and there was enough of it to completely cover people's lawns.

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