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This Abandoned Town In Turkey Features Hundreds Of Tiny Castles & It's So Eerie (PHOTOS)

Not a single person lives there, though. 😳🏰
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This Abandoned Town In Turkey Features Hundreds Of Tiny Castles & It's So Eerie (PHOTOS)

If you’re fascinated by all things abandoned and eerie, look no further. Burj Al Babas in Turkey has got to be one of the most bizarre spots on the planet and it’s not hard to see why!

Located about halfway between Istanbul and Ankara, this abandoned housing development was once intended to be luxury villas and vacation homes for wealthy tourists.

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Construction began in 2014, when property developers bought the land for approximately US$200 million and began building hundreds of identical castle-shaped properties.

Plans for the development included Turkish baths, an entertainment complex and a shopping mall in addition to 732 homes costing between US$400,000 and US$500,000.

However, by 2018, the company that bought the land had gone bankrupt and the majority of those who’d shown an interest in the Disney-esque properties started pulling out their investments.

Despite lofty ambitions for the complex, over 500 castles were left abandoned and unfinished, with the development company reportedly owing over 20 million pounds in debt.

What’s been left behind is rows and rows of empty, identical, eerie-looking turreted buildings, with no homeowners or neighbours in sight.

According to The Guardian, the ghost-like development is hated by local people, who say it’s not reflective of the wider region’s traditional architecture of Byzantine buildings, wooden houses and centuries-old mosques.

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