Some people say that Toronto seafood is subpar because of our lack of access to an ocean, but I have compiled a list of 11 examples that completely eliminate that stereotype.

Toronto has some amazing options when it comes to fresh, and delicious seafood, even if we are not right on the coast!  If you're craving a buttery lobster or flavourful oysters, this list is for you!

Be sure to enjoy one of these great spots this weekend Toronto!

Bon appetit :)

Photo cred -@nickydam

1. Pure Spirits // 17 Tank House Lane

Pure Spirits is known for their laid back patio and delicious oysters. If you're looking for somewhere to knock back a few beers while enjoying oysters outside, you have found you're new spot!

2. The Chase // 10 Temperance St.

Chase is beautiful, posh and inviting.  The pan roasted scallops are very tasty, and the lobster is sweet and buttery!

3. Buster's Sea Cove // 93 Front St E.

If you're on the hunt for some awesome fish and chips, look no further.  Buster's sea cove is a great join if you're looking for some comfort food, with huge flavour.

4. Market St. Catch // 14 Market St.

The Market St. Catch has huge portion sizes for super cheap!  This is a great spot for casual dining, and has a large menu with lots of options.

5. Rodney's // 469 King St. W.

The decor at Rodney's is super cute and brings an awesome vibe to the entire restaurant.  This is an awesome place for a first date, especially if you get a seat outside!

Photo cred -@zxy0713_

6. Joso's // 202 Davenport Rd.

No matter what you order at Joso's you're sure to be satisfied.  You can never go wrong with the squid pasta, oysters, or fresh fish.

7. The Boil Bar // 633 Silver Star Blvd #110 & 111

The Boil Bar is a great option is you're not afraid to get a little messy (don't worry, they offer bibs). Boil bar has some of the largest muscles in the city, and they are very fairly priced.

8. Fresh Off the Boat // 404 Queen St W.

Fresh Off the Boat is a great choice if you're looking to try a new spin on seafood.  A great example of this is their frisco fries served with house made garlic aoli and fresh snow crab! 

9. Bar Reyna // 158 Cumberland St.

Next time you're at Bar Reyna be sure to try the Cataplana! The Cataplana is basically seafood heaven and includes lobster, mussels, clams, shrimp, monkfish, lobster broth and Lisbon sauce!

10. Sea Witch Fish & Chips // 636 St Clair Ave W.

Sea Witch has totally mastered the art of fish and chips.  But instead of chips, we suggest getting a side of onion rings, they are addictive!  This is a great place for a cheap bite.

Photo cred -@marla_szwec

11. Zee Grill // 641 Mount Pleasant Rd.

If you're an oyster fan, get to Zee Grill ASAP.  If oyster are not really your thing, don't worry they also have mouthwatering lobster, and great shrimp cocktail.

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