If you're a speedy driver, you should probably read this. Local police have just announced the Calgary photo radar locations for December 2020 and they are focusing on some pretty major roads. 

The Calgary Police service (CPS) said that they'll be setting up photo radar locations on "Crowchild Trail, Glenmore Trail, Deerfoot Trail, Macleod Trail, Sarcee Trail, and Stoney Trail."

If you live and commute in the city, there's a good chance that you take one of those routes every day. CPS also detailed the neighbourhoods that they'll be focusing on this month. 

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Speeding fines reflect how fast you are travelling over the limit. Speeds in excess of 50 km/hr over the speed limit result in an appearance before a judge. Calgary Police Service

The communities of focus for December include "Acadia, Aspen Woods, Auburn Bay, Bridgeland/Riverside, Bridlewood, Cambrian Heights, Castleridge, Copperfield, Country Hills, Coventry Hills, Cranston, Discovery Ridge, Erin Woods, Falconridge, Haysboro, Haysboro Industrial, Mayland Heights, and Palliser."

On top of the photo radar locations which will be monitoring speed, there will also be "58 Intersection Safety Camera (ISC) locations throughout the city."

These are different types of police enforcement cameras that capture vehicles that enter intersections at the wrong times. During red lights, for example. 

CPS says that these new locations are "in response to community needs." 

So, Calgary, you beet slow down and obey traffic signals if you don't want to get a really expensive photo of your car in the mail.