If you've been on a plane recently, you might want to take a look at your flight number.  

As of Monday, October 5, five Calgary flights with COVID-19 cases onboard have been detected in the last 14 days. 

The flights in question are all domestic and they include both incoming and outgoing flights. 

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Self-isolate immediately if you develop symptoms at any time and contact your public health authority. 

Public Health Canada

According to Public Health Canada, the incoming flights that have been flagged for COVID-19 exposure include a WestJet flight from Grand Prairie (WS3178), a WestJet flight from Toronto (WS665), and an Air Canada flight from Toronto (AC133). 

The WestJet flight from Toronto arrived on September 26 and has flagged rows 18 to 23 as the "affected rows." The Air Canada flight from Toronto landed on September 24 and rows 19 through 25 have been listed as "affected rows" for this flight. 

The Grand Prairie flight hasn't listed any affected rows for COVID-19 exposure. It also landed on September 24. 

The flights that left Calgary with COVID-19 cases onboard include both a WestJet and Air Canada flight to Toronto. 

They left on September 24 and 29 respectively. The rows affected in the WestJet flight are "unknown" whereas the Air Canada one listed 27 to 33 as "affected rows."