Ah, summertime. When the birds start singing and the critters start coming out of the woodwork. According to a video posted on Tuesday, June 16, a family of skunks was spotted doing just that when they took up residence outside someone's house in Calgary. These Calgary skunks literally have no fear of any of the homeowners. 

A video titled "Whole family of skunks taking shelter under Prestwick home's stairs" emerged on Reddit on Tuesday, June 16. 

In the video, you can see a crew of skunks loitering on the staircase of a white home. Next they're seen breaking off in multiple directions and heading straight towards the walls of the home. 

Narcity spoke to the woman who posted the video, Gabrielle Tolentino, who told us how she came across this adorable but alarming crew of skunks and why she decided to share the video. 

The video was taken around 9:15 a.m. on Monday night, June 15. She was visiting a friend in the Prestwick neighbourhood of Calgary. 

"The skunks were actually at his neighbour's house," said Tolentino. 

She said that she and her boyfriend were pulling up to their friend's house when she spotted this group of creatures hanging out at the staircase. 

from Calgary

"I saw around 6 or 7 skunks walking around the stairs of the neighbour directly beside our friend's," she said. 

As it was unusual sighting for her, Tolentino immediately recorded the cluster of skunks and showed it to her friends at the barbeque. 

She said that she doesn't go to the neighbourhood very often but when she showed the video to her friend who lived in the house, "he was pretty surprised himself." 

"I'm guessing that'd be the first he was learning about it, as well," said Tolentino. 

A City of Calgary representative told Narcity that city services are not responsible for managing skunks. So if you're worried about invading critters on your front step, animal control is who you should be calling. 

Narcity also spoke to a representative of a pest control company in the city, CanEx Pest Control. 

They said that residents should hold off on calling pest control until mid-July; that's when the skunk babies are most likely to survive the relocation process carried out by pest control. 

"They're not considered dangerous, more of a nuisance and will spray as a last resort to protect themselves," the rep said in the email. 

CanEx also said that they've noticed a surge of skunks in the city since 2013 "likely due to being pushed out of the natural habit due to flooding and new construction." 

But skunks act as pest control themselves in many cases. They're known to eat wasps, bees, voles, and mice. "Call them mother nature's Pest Management Professional," said CanEx.