Moving can be a stressful time, to say the least, but have you ever had to move the whole house? A house on wheels on a Canadian highway reportedly almost caused multiple crashes when it was en route. The Albertan mobile home was taken by police and the incident ended in charges being laid.

In a release on Monday, July 6, Alberta Sheriffs announced that they'd stopped a "semi hauling a double-wide mobile home" after several people reported it driving north on Highway 2.

The Sheriffs are a community policing force that helps enforce traffic laws amongst other duties.

"Officers responded and were concerned about the lack of proper signage and lights on the semi, the mobile home and a pilot truck that was following the transport unit," read the report. A sign with the words "oversize load" was attached to the back of the house.

It reportedly almost caused several car crashes and "was at risk of losing its load." Plus, they were driving during a storm, which reduced visibility for other drivers on the road, read the release.

After stopping the drivers and escorting them to weigh scales in Red Deer, they found that neither of them were carrying operators' licenses. Their vehicles also didn't have insurance or even license plates. The house-carrying semi had an expired registration, according to the release.

"Officers were relieved they were able to intercept and remove the hazardous transport unit from the highway before any incidents could occur," read the report.

Counting for all the offences, a total of 40 charges were laid against the drivers.

Alberta Transportation reminded drivers to read up on the limits for weight and dimensions allowed to drive on highways. You can read up on what is and isn't allowed on their website.

You hear about wild drivers all the time in Alberta, but someone shipping their entire house down the highway at high speeds is a little rarer.

But the drivers won't likely be pulling the same stunt in the near future; the semi, trailer, "mobile home," and pilot truck have all been seized by police.