A new survey shows that more Indigenous and Black locals struggle to trust Calgary Police than anyone else in the city. The new Calgary citizen survey was posted on Tuesday, September 29.

The survey was done by the city’s police oversight body. It sheds light on the concerns that Indigenous and Black residents have around the use of force and fairness by police in our city.

The new data also shows that fewer Calgarians think officers use their authority appropriately, compared to the last survey that was done in 2018.

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26% of Calgarians think officers abuse force and power.

Arab and West Asian Calgarians were next in line for having the lowest amount of trust in the Calgary Police force.

The survey quotes one Calgarian who said they have concerns about the possibility of institutional racism within the police force.

"That's the first thing. The next is non-visibility of minorities among the police force,” the Calgarian added.

Almost one in five Calgarians disagree that the police provide the same quality of service to all citizens.

The survey comes after CPS put out a lengthy document earlier in September detailing how they will be addressing systemic racism within the service