Now that nonessential businesses have started to reopen, WestJet has announced a new flight schedule for July and August. This updated schedule includes Calgary flights to Mexico beginning in August. While flights may be starting up again, safety is still being considered a top priority. 

WestJet's newly launched summer flight schedule has tons of U.S. destinations and even one in Mexico.

The news release explains that flights begin in July and breaks down the frequency of flights through to August. 

While flights may become more normalized once again, health and safety measures are still being put in place. This includes passengers and crew wearing face masks during travel and extra sanitization protocols. 

The airline released a statement announcing that from Sunday, July 5, to Tuesday, August 4, they will be offering flights to 45 different destinations including 39 Canadian hotspots.

In Calgary, there will be a mix of daily and weekly flights available.

This will include flight schedules such as two daily flights to Abbotsford, six weekly flights to Kamloops, and six daily flights to Toronto. 

These domestic flights will begin operating on Sunday, July 4.

In addition to the expansion of domestic flights, it looks like WestJet will also be flying from Calgary to Cancun, Mexico this August. 

Flights will have varying departing times but will begin Monday, August 10. 

A week-long trip from Monday, August 10, to Monday, August 17, will cost you upwards of $670 in airfare. Most of the flights will require at least one stop along the way. 

Along with WestJet, Air Canada has also released its summer schedule. 

Included in the company’s schedule are almost 100 designations to fly to. 

Domestic flights have also increased to 58 in June 2020. More flights are expected to be added in August and September. 

These announcements come just days after the provincial government in Alberta confirmed the launch of Stage 2 on Friday, June 12. They also threw in some of the things that were meant to open in Stage 3. 

This relaunch included the reopening of things like libraries, massage businesses, tanning salons, movie theatres, and team sports.