Chinatown is the new location that's been selected for Calgary's BLM mural

The group that's in charge of the mural, Pink Flamingo, said on Wednesday, September 2, that they had postponed the original BLM mural after "after an onslaught of racist vitriol and threats." But it seems like the new location has brought its own share of discontent. 

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How does it relate to the Chinese community?

Tony Wong, President of Calgary Chinese Culture Centre

Some leaders in Chinatown said that they didn't get a chance to consult with the artist, Jae Sterling, over the mural's design. 

The Bully Team, who speak for the artists, said that they have spoken with a number of leaders in Chinatown and are keen on contributing to the community. 

Sterling has already begun painting the new mural, which has been named "The Guide & Protector." More details will be released in the coming weeks. 

Via CTV News