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Calgary's New Magical Garden Globes Will Transport You To France This Summer

Like a trip to France but in a bubble!

Forget pizza night, you should treat yourself to an all-inclusive trip to France! Without boarding a plane, you can step inside one of Calgary's dome dinner events. As long as you're inside the bubble with a good glass of wine, it feels exactly like you're in Paris.

Bow Valley Ranche is doing a unique dining experience they're calling Al Fresco Dome Dinner: A Trip To France.

"Every month, we will transport you to a new desired holiday destination, featuring an exciting fare and an immersive ambience inspired by our country of arrival," reads a release shared with Narcity.

From Friday, July 3 to Sunday, August 3 we are going to France, y'all.

There are five glittering garden globes that each fit up to six people. At night, there are two seating times either at 6:30 p.m. or 9:00 p.m.

If you've never tried dinner in a dome before, it's a remarkable experience. It feels like you're a VIP or celebrity.

When you split a dome with your best friends and dig into incredible food that transports you to the south of France, it'll feel a bit like you're on vacation.

It's perfect for anyone whose plans to go to Europe got derailed recently or for anyone who wants to go out to a nice meal with a little something extra.

Bow Valley Ranche

This summer, their domes will be strung with fairy lights and outside in the fresh air.

You can pick from two "prixe fixe" menu options and they include mouthwatering picks like cognac-braised beef shank and herbed duck leg confit.

Fun fact: just as real champagne is called so because it's from the champagne region, cognac is the same and it's only really cognac if it's from France.

If you are picturing yourself under the stars with a belly full of good wine, good food, and spending time with your friends, then you should book your dome ASAP.

It could be the closest you get to France for a long time. 

Al Fresco Dome Dinner: A Trip To France

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: French

Address: Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant, 15979 Bow Bottom Trail S.E., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: Dine in a dome and feel like you're across the globe.

Bow Valley Ranche