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Nickleback's Hometown Is Obsessed With Them & You Should See It To Believe It

Every Albertan does a pilgrimage here to honour the band.
Hanna, Alberta Is Nickelback's Hometown & It's A Hilarious Road Trip From Calgary

As a poet who never made it as a wise man said: "This is how you remind me of what I really am." Nowhere is this more true than in the unassuming settlement of Hanna, Alberta. Beneath its rural charm, this small town has big fame because they're the hometown of Nickelback.

They say it loud and clear right on their entry sign. "The Town of Hanna welcomes you," reads the massive billboard, the first thing you see. And right under it: "Proud to be the home of Nickelback."

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Love them, hate them, or both, there's no escaping the iconic Canadian band in this tiny town two hours from Calgary — making it the perfect stop on your Albertan road trip.

While no statues of the big rock stars decorate the premises, you can find enormous murals of album covers plastered around town.

It's clear Hanna loves their musical sons, and the band loves them right back. Nickelback still plays there sometimes while on tour, and often gives their home shout outs.

In fact, their music video from the song Photograph was shot in Hanna and features the old high school that lead singer Chad Kroeger, bassist Mike Kroeger, and keyboardist Ryan Peake all attended, as well as other town landmarks.

Nickelback was first formed in 1995 and quickly shot up to astronomic levels of fame and notoriety.

They've sold over 50 million albums worldwide and released nine studio albums.

When they posted a cryptic Tweet teasing a new release on Friday, August 14, Twitter was divided in a battle between Nickelback supporters and haters.

"You don’t have to do this," read one reply.

"Finally, something good about 2020!" read another.

But regardless of how much controversy Kroeger and the band drum up, there's no denying the impact Nickelback has had on music. And Hanna definitely isn't afraid to let their pride show.

Hanna, Alberta

Address: Hanna, AB

Why You Need To Go: No Albertan road trip is complete without a stop at the birthplace of the (in)famous Canadian band.

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