6 Reasons Why I Would Never Move To Toronto From Calgary & Think It's Way Overrated

Alberta has so much going for it!

Charlie Hart in Calgary. Right: Toronto.

Charlie Hart in Calgary. Right: Toronto.

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There's been a lot of debate around moving to Calgary recently, especially with Alberta's new campaign looking to lure people in from Toronto and Vancouver with promises of a better life.

I moved to Calgary a year ago so I'm not Albertan through and through, but I've grown to really love the city and I'm fast realizing that I really wouldn't trade my life here for another Canadian city, and especially not Toronto.

There are a lot of reasons that Calgary is a way nicer city to live in and I would choose Calgary over Toronto time after time.

It's expensive AF

My number one main reason for avoiding Toronto is the price. I live in a one-bedroom condo in downtown Calgary by myself and I'm still able to live my life and go out for dinner or drinks without breaking the bank.

If I moved to Toronto, I'd have to live with roommates to get by and sharing my space with several people is just not something that interests me at all.

Alberta also has way lower taxes than Ontario so overall everything is cheaper. Why would I give that up?

The scenery is no competition

Having some of the world's most stunning scenery right on your doorstep is pretty special. Being able to take a short drive and spend an afternoon in Banff or Canmore surrounded by fresh air and gorgeous mountain views is incredible.

Sure you can go hiking in Ontario and there are some really nice beaches but it's really not the same as taking a dip in a gorgeous blue lake in amongst the mountains.

It's so busy

I've lived in a big city for a long time and while being surrounded by people can give you a real rush, it also really wears you down. Spending hours commuting on busy trains and busses and being pushed past in the streets is exhausting.

Living in downtown Calgary is the complete opposite. Most places I want to visit are within walking distance and people are usually super friendly and relaxed so getting around is easy.

The weather isn't any better

People always complain about how cold Alberta gets and it's true, it can pretty damn chilly here over the winter. However, people never mention that the cold here is really dry, so it never feels quite as bad.

We also get chinooks which bring warmer temperatures throughout the winter and Calgary is also super sunny making snowy and cold weather a lot more bearable.

I'd take that over the grey, slushy Toronto winter any day!

The people aren't as friendly

Albertans get a bad rap but for the most part, people are super friendly, especially in the city. I was so worried when I moved here that making friends would be really hard but it's been the complete opposite.

Most people here are so easygoing (maybe it's the mountain air) and even walking down the street, people will say hi to strangers.

My experiences with Torontonians so far have been different, to say the least.

Toronto could just be any city

Even in the short time I've been living in Calgary, things are constantly changing. New buildings pop up and new incredible restaurants arrive but the city hasn't lost its charm, especially if you head out to some of the smaller communities.

Toronto really doesn't seem any different from a lot of big cities I've been to with very little green space. Yeah, there are huge glass high-rises, but what else?

Charlie Hart
Charlie Hart was a Travel Creator for Narcity Media focused on Canadian and global travel and is based in Calgary, Alberta.