Unofficial Nude Beaches In Alberta To Visit If You Want To Skip Out On Tan Lines This Summer

Remember to pack your sunscreen!

Alberta. Right: A bathing suit on sand.

Alberta. Right: A bathing suit on sand.

As a landlocked province, you might be thinking there are no nude beaches in Alberta, and you'd be kind of wrong. There are a few unofficial spots in the province that have been used by nude sunbathers for years.

There are only two official clothing-optional beaches in Canada – one in B.C. and one in Ontario. However, at three Albertan beaches, there are understandings with police and land owners to allow those in their birthday suits to use the areas.

So if you don't want to travel across the country to get your tan on, you can check out these unofficial nude beaches in Alberta:

Weaselhead Flats

Address: 66 Ave. & 37 St. S.W., Calgary, AB.

Why You Need To Go: While not officially designated as a clothing-optional area, the far western area of Weaselhead Flats has been used for "nude recreation for over two decades," according to Calgary Nude Recreation.

While getting to the beach means a short hike, lounging in the sun and evening out those tan lines will be worth it.

The beach is one of two in Calgary currently used as a nude beach. According to CBC, Calgary Nude Recreation has an understanding in place with law enforcement to let the beaches operate.


Hidden Beach

Address: Fish Creek Provincial Park, 14428 Bannister Road S.E., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: While it's a newer spot for nude sunbathing in Calgary, Hidden Beach is very, well, hidden.

According to Calgary Nude Recreation, there are no sight lines from the beach to any paths or roads so you're safe to sunbathe in as little as you want.


CottonTail Corner

Address: Prospector's Point, Devon, AB.

Why You Need To Go: This spot just outside Edmonton is perfect for nude sunbathing alongside the North Saskatchewan River.

There's a short hike from the parking lot to the secluded beach which is clearly signposted with where nudity is allowed and where it isn't.

The beach is rocky so bringing a mat to lie on is recommended but once you're there, you can take in all that nature has to offer.


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Charlie Hart
Charlie Hart was a Travel Creator for Narcity Media focused on Canadian and global travel and is based in Calgary, Alberta.