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You Can Earn Up To $92K As A Canadian Government Buyer With A Degree In Almost Any Subject

You don't even need prior experience!
Canada Government Job As A Buyer Could Get You A Salary Of $61K

Finding a job right after graduating is the hope of anyone who just earned their degree. If you are able to get one of Canada's government jobs, it's even better. Right now, there is an opportunity to become a buyer, and you can have a degree in almost any subject to apply.

Currently, you can apply to the Intern Officer Development Program in Public Services and Procurement Canada. This is a position that can lead to being a government buyer, and new graduates are encouraged to submit their resumés.

You might think that this type of job would require some type of specialized education, but your university degree can be in almost any subject, from commerce to chemistry, and you still qualify.

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What is the job?

If you're hired into the program, then you will receive training and experience in the world of government procurement through developmental assignments.

Through the Intern Officer Development Program, you'll learn how to "plan, negotiate and administer contracts" for "various commodities."

This is done by diving right into the process and getting experience with clients and suppliers. You'll also be doing some line and staff work to get a better sense of the position, in addition to some classroom training.

This is all leading to a job where you could be negotiating multimillion-dollar equipment projects and contributing to the process of procurement.

How much does it pay?

This job is essentially an internship that could lead to a full position in procurement, but the pay is actually pretty impressive.

Although you start in a position where you're essentially being trained and learning the ropes, you get a competitive salary right away.

Candidates who are hired for the job start at $46,714, but over time, you can eventually move up to earning $61,149.

If you are very successful, you can graduate up to higher pay grades depending on your job performance and competency. After completing the program, you could earn anywhere from $80,539 to $92,033.

Who can apply?

This job requires that you have either an applied degree from a recognized college (with a specialization in supply chain management or e-business supply chain management), or a bachelor's degree from a recognized university.

If you have the latter, your area of study can be almost anything form a very long list of subjects. These range from commerce, accounting, and finance all the way to biology, chemistry, and mechanical engineering.

Otherwise, there is no specialized knowledge that you need to apply for this job. You will have to demonstrate your skills in areas like written communication, client service, and workload management, though.

You'll also have to take the Public Service Entrance Exam, which is broken into two parts: the test of reasoning and the test of judgment.

Applications will be accepted until October 16 with a starting date in June 2021. 

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