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Canada Post Has Been Delivering Millions Of Letters To Santa For Almost 40 Years

They make it all the way to the North Pole! 🎅🏻

The holiday season is here again, and that means that the Canada Post letters to Santa program is also back. Every year, the big, jolly guy gets letters sent to him, and he always does his best to reply. He gets a helping hand from Canada's postal workers.

With the large volume of mail this year, Canada Post has advised kids to send theirs by at least December 10 to make sure they get a reply before Christmas day.

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How do you send a letter to Santa?

While there are plenty of ways that this holiday season is different from others, the good news is that you can still easily send a letter up to Santa at the North Pole.

All kids have to do is write their letter (templates to do this are available online) and put it in an envelope addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada. 

They also need to include their return address so that Santa can send a reply back to them.

After that's all done, the final step is to drop the letter into any Canada Post mailbox. No stamp is required.

Does Santa respond?

Despite the volume of letters he receives every year (Canada Post told Narcity in an email that it can be close to a million), Santa does his very best to respond to all of them.

Because he is so magical, he is also able to respond in 39 different languages (including braille). This is especially useful, as CBC News reports that Santa sometimes receives letters from places like Italy, Bulgaria, and China.

Over the 38 years that Canada Post has been helping Santa, he has answered more than 30 million letters.

What kinds of things do kids ask him?

Almost every kid is going to have questions for Santa, and they tend to include them in the letters they send his way.

According to CBC News, some of these questions have included, "Does Rudolph have a girlfriend?", "How many cookies do you eat?" and perhaps most importantly, "How many outfits do you have? Or is it just the one?"

On top of those inquiries, the kids also let Santa know what they'd like to find under the tree on Christmas morning. 

In the past, some of these requests have been very specific, such as one where a child wrote: "I don't have a tambourine, could you please bring me one at Christmas time?"