Canada Post Is Hiring All Over RN & You Don't Need Experience Or A Degree For Some Roles

You can make almost $18/hour! 💰

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Canada Post Is Hiring All Over RN & You Don't Need Experience Or A Degree For Some Roles

If you're looking to pick up a job during the holiday season, you might want to check out the new listings from Canada Post.

The company has just posted dozens of new openings, some of which don't require any experience or qualifications while still paying a pretty darn good hourly wage.

"As we do every year, we will be hiring seasonal employees throughout the country, in response to the continued growth of online shopping and the increased parcel volumes we see during the peak holiday season," Canada Post told Narcity.

"Temporary seasonal employees will be working in processing, transportation and delivery. Many of them will be in our large processing centres in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, but they will also be found across the country."

Quite a few post office assistant roles have cropped up in the listings, posted on November 2 and 3.

For the role, you'll be sorting mail, selling products and services, and helping customers with general information.

All you need to be a post office assistant is a high school diploma (or provincial equivalent), experience interacting with the public, and a character reference letter. Easy!

Canada Post

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Salary: From $17.73 per hour

Company: Canada Post

Who Should Apply: Anyone looking to pick up some work over the holidays. Get your CV updated, and good luck!

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