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Thousands Of Children’s Products Sold In Canada Have Been Recalled Due To Safety Hazards

Over 4,000 of the recalled products were sold in Canada!

A series of Canada product recalls have been issued by Health Canada over the past few days and many of them are items meant for children.

One recall involves several Baby Jogger pram kits, which have been deemed to have a potential injury hazard. The Baby Jogger City Select Lux Pram Kit, Baby Jogger City Select Pram Kit, Baby Jogger Compact Pram, Baby Jogger Deluxe Pram and Baby Jogger Mini 2 Pram are all included in the recall. 

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"The Baby Jogger Prams and Pram kits have not been tested to the Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets Regulations and may not meet the bassinet safety requirements for sleep accommodation," says the recall, advising that you stop using the recalled products right away. 

Another kid-related recall is for TAMHOO brand set of 33 pairs of earrings, which contain "lead and cadmium in excess of allowable limits."

Over 4,300 of the recalled Baby Jogger products were sold in Canada and over 20 of the earring sets.

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