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Canada Star Signs According To An Astrology Expert

If you've visited your fair share of Canadian cities, you know that each one has its own unique personality, energy and general vibe. And if you ask us, anything with a personality deserves an astrological sign. So, we've collaborated with a Canadian astrology expert to give star signs to 11 different Canadian cities.

The team at Narcity is spread out all over Canada, so we've got a good understanding of what our cities are all about. We assigned some characteristics to each place and brought in Sara Elise to help us link the cities with their own star signs.

Sara Elise is a therapeutic evolutionary astrologer living and working in Toronto, Canada. Sara has been fortunate to have lived in or frequented 10 of the 11 cities in this article.

If you've ever wondered what your home city's star sign is, wonder no more: we've got the scoop.

Toronto: Sagittarius

"How many 'Truths' can you fit into one city??? Toronto is the epitome of 'yelling from the mountain top'... the problem is, there are about a million of them all doing the yelling!!!" the astrology expert told us.

She noted that Toronto is "Multicultural, self-righteous, arrogant, flashy, fearless" and that the city's people love to indulge in things like food, drinks, art, parties, fashion, thought leaders and more.

"Toronto may delight in one-upmanship, yet beneath that blazing confidence is a sincere devotion to inclusion, exploration and higher ideals," said Sara.

Victoria: Pisces

Victoria is an ocean lover's dreamland. " Dreamy, whimsical and stunningly beautiful, Victoria may be Canada's best-kept secret. This city has a perfect blend of beauty, creativity, and a wealth of spirit. A perfect Pisces vibe," Sara told us. "We know how hard life can be, why not enjoy this place while we have the chance?"

Pisces are known for creativity, and Victoria has an incredible arts scene. While some may find the city a little bit sleepy, there's a little bit of something for everyone and you really can't beat the ocean energy.

Calgary: Aries

We know Calgary's got that cowboy culture and some big Alberta energy.

"Clearly Calgary's zeitgeist is about freedom, self-assertion and discovery!! Behind Aries' bravado lives a healthy dose of uncertainty… And isn't that SOOOO Calgary," said Sara.

"They blunder into adventure with bravery of spirit… and occasionally crash and burn. But it's okay! Calgarians pick themselves back up, high fives all around, and 'let's head to Cowboy's for a few beers while we're at it!' The down times don't stick for long, with that Arian impulsive spirit as their real 'fuel'!"

So, Calgary, shall we grab a beer?

Edmonton: Cancer

Speaking of Alberta, let's take a glance over at the province's capital.

"Sweet, safe and comfortable, Edmonton provides stability and security for those who dwell there. Whatever you need, be it gigantic indoor shopping experiences, earthy musical celebrations, or a community that feels nurturing and protective, Edmonton is a true 'home,'" Sara shared.

If you've spent time in Edmonton, you may have found the city to be practical, friendly, and a bit of a "what you see is what you get" energy.

Vancouver: Scorpio

Vancouver is beautiful, vibrant, and buzzing with things to do. But, if you've ever been a newcomer to Vancouver, you may have noticed that it's a little bit cold and difficult to break into. It's also wildly expensive and filled with some serious wealth.

"It has the underbelly of substance addiction and desolation which is Scorpio in its lower form," said Sara. "It then has the power, wealth and glam… and the pretension, which is perhaps Scorpio in its middle form. And it also has the powerful spiritual alignment, of those at the top who choose to put themselves into a beautiful place, yet who still live authentically and with depth."

Scorpios also tend to have traits like ambition, determination and bravery. As we mentioned, Vancouver is extremely pricey, so you need to be brave and have a little bit of fire in your belly to really make it in Vancity.

Montreal: Leo

"Come on! How could it be any other way???" Sara exclaimed. "At the height of style, Montreal just loves to shine. Flirtatious, wickedly attractive, and tinged with more than a wee bit of arrogance… Montreal certainly suggests a Leonine Vibe."

Montreal has a palpable unique energy, which almost makes you feel like you've stepped into another country.

"They are the king of the savannah, the spotlight, the centre of the action. And you can't beat the bagels. They're simply the best, after all," Sara added.

Ottawa: Capricorn

"Ottawa takes on the role of the 'good father' to all Canadians. It may be a little boring, but for those who make this city home, undoubtedly the benefits outweigh the surface sobriety," Sara said about our nation's capital.

"Ottawa is about consistency, groundedness and the success that comes with dedication to something greater than oneself. Like a fine wine, Ottawa's excellence glows from deep within… appreciated by those with sophisticated taste."

With the Canadian government headquartered in the city, you may notice an air of structure, responsibility and bureaucracy.

Winnipeg: Taurus

Now over to Manitoba! "Winnipeg is like a city out of time, where joy and pleasure lives in the ability to take things easy and make authentic connections with neighbours, friends and family," said Sara.

She said that Winnipeg "offers stable, loyal ground for generations of humble earthy folk. You know what you're getting, and sometimes that is exactly what you want."

So, if you're looking for a slow pace and a bit of stability, you know where to go.

Saskatoon: Gemini

Over in the prairies, we have Saskatoon.

"Saskatoon is a paradox. On one hand, there is pervasive social equity rooted in decades of socialist agrarian principles… the birthplace of health care and co-ops… where everyone takes care of each other and it is good enough just to be who you are! No pretension necessary. On the other hand, there are some serious social issues hiding under the rug of this burgeoning prairie ecosystem. Gemini is a dual sign, after all. We take the good with the bad, and try to balance it." Sara shared.

Sara grew up in Saskatoon and said that everyone gets along, for the most part. "You are neither above nor below. SO Geminian," she shared.

Whitehorse: Virgo

Whitehorse has been deemed a Virgo by our friend the astrology expert. "You have to be very focused on what matters when you live in a climate that can kill you if you go outside for too long on a February morning. That's just the way it is," said Sara.

"Pulling together, ensuring everyone can survive, focusing on service, and enjoying the sacred in the mundane…. Whitehorse has an organic simplicity born of necessity, and the ability to appreciate the preciousness of nature. SO Virgo."

While it may get chilly, Whitehorse is absolutely stunning. From northern lights to vast mountains, it may be worth a trip way up to the north.

Halifax: Aquarius

Aquarians are known for being original, maybe even a little bit eccentric, humanitarian, loyal, and intellectual. 'Halifax feels like a communal hug," said Sara.

"There are community groups for EVERYTHING!! Street painting parties, theatre in the forest, off-the-wall arts workshops, boat making parties, amazing farmers markets… it's like how life is supposed to be." she continued. "You can head to work, run a global company, and within a 20 minute drive you can be diving into a pristine lake, kayaking on the ocean, or scaling the Atlantic rocky coast."

So, Canada, are we sleeping on Halifax? It might just be the place to be.

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