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Canada Is Creating A Program That'll Help If You Have A Bad Reaction To A COVID-19 Vaccine

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There's a new Canada vaccine program that will help you out if you have a bad reaction to an approved COVID-19 vaccine or any other shot given the green light.

In a press conference on December 10, Justin Trudeau announced the no-fault vaccine injury support program that will be open to everybody.

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In the very unlikely event of an adverse reaction though, we want to make sure that Canadians have fair access to support. Justin Trudeau

He said that while serious side effects from vaccines are "incredibly rare," the program will make sure that Canadians have support if it happens to them.

The program is for every vaccine that is approved by Health Canada and will be done in collaboration with the provinces and territories.

It's meant to give fair access to support if something goes wrong after someone gets a dose.

"Vaccines are safe and effective," Trudeau said.

He said it is "very unlikely" people will experience an adverse reaction.

Health Canada approved the country's first COVID-19 vaccine on December 9 and it's already known who exactly will get the first doses in some provinces when they arrive.

    Lisa Belmonte
    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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