'Canada’s Drag Race' Judges Gush About Their Wild On-Set Moments

The trio opens up about their on-set highlights ahead of the July 2 premiere.
Canada's Drag Race Judges

It’s time for the True North to shine! With the series premiere nearing, the Canada’s Drag Race judges have been reflecting on their experience filming the show. In an exclusive interview with Narcity, the iconic trio opened up about what an incredible time they had on set.

If you haven’t already heard, the upcoming series will be judged by former Drag Race competitor Brooke Lynn Hytes, model Stacey McKenzie, and actor Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman.

While chatting with Narcity, the trio revealed that filming Canada’s Drag Race was one of the greatest moments of their career.

“We’re in an industry where people are usually very self-centred and there’s not much of a connection. It’s rare when we come across people that we work with who we can form that sort of connection with,” McKenzie explained.

The model opened up about some of her favourite behind the scenes moments with her co-stars, which included Bowyer-Chapman carrying sage all over the building where filming took place.

“There was no drama or attitude, or anything like that, it was a super fun, professional, awesome and amazing experience,” she added.

Hytes, who’s no stranger to the world of drag, revealed that she adored working with her fellow Canadians. The highlight of filming for her was getting to watch McKenzie work the runway.

“I just wish that the camera would pan over so you could just see Jeffrey and I screaming ‘Yas, Stacy, yas!’,” the season 11 runner-up gushed.

“Honestly, getting to build a relationship with these two and go through this all with them has been a really great memory for me. The whole show was just so much fun to film.”

“I feel the same way, it was one of the best experiences of my life and the best jobs of my career,” Bowyer-Chapman chimed in.

“Sitting up in the panel during the finale, we just felt like proud parents because we were so proud of what each and every single one of these queens brought. It was such an exciting journey.”

Throughout their journey, the Canadian icons also had the opportunity to work with the celebrity guest judges like Michelle Visage, Elisha Cuthbert, Tom Green, Deborah Cox, and many more.

Canada’s Drag Race premieres on Thursday, July 2. You can check out the True North realness in the trailer below.

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