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Canada Has More Lakes Than The Rest Of The World Combined & Some Are Straight-Up Magical

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Canada Has More Lakes Than The Rest Of The World Combined & Some Are Straight-Up Magical

If there's one thing that people love about Canada, it's just how much natural beauty there is all over. Outside of the cities, you can find mountains, rivers, and beaches. However, Canada's lakes are often a huge draw, and there are so many of them it might blow your mind.

Canada is home to the most lakes in the world. On top of that, the nation has more large ones than all of the other countries put together.

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A study from Bernhard Lehner, associate professor at McGill University's department of geography, found that Canada has 62% of the world's lakes that are 10 hectares or larger.

That would include Canada's well-known Great Lakes.

However, they might not know about some of the more magical bodies of freshwater that this country has to offer.

That includes the Spotted Lake located just outside of Vancouver.

This one is quite the sight, as rather than a clear blue surface, mineral deposits give it a uniquely spotty look (hence the name). 

Fairy Lake, which is also located in British Columbia has its own defining feature. 

Atlas Obscura notes that sticking out of the middle of this body of water is a Douglas fir tree stump, on which another Douglas fir tree is growing.

Then there is Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park. This Alberta body of water is famous for the fact that it completely dries up every year in the fall due to the water emptying into sinkholes.

Canada even has a lake that's made up of saltwater, and is known as Canada's Dead Sea. 

Little Manitou Lake in Saskatchewan, like the famous body of water in the Middle East, is so salty, that you can easily float in it with no trouble at all.

However, the strangest collection of lakes is actually found far north on Victoria Island in Nunavut.

That island has several bodies of water on it, but within one of them is another island, that also has a lake on it (which has yet another island in it as well).

Canada has so many lakes that it has lakes in lakes!

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