Canadian Girls Celebrate Graduation During COVID-19 By Surfing In Their Gowns (VIDEO)

They wanted to do something memorable.
Canadian Girls Celebrate Their Graduation By Surfing In Their Gowns In Manitoba
Deputy Editor, Social Publishing

Coronavirus has ruined countless ceremonies and celebrations around the world, but that didn't stop these two Canadian girls who were determined to celebrate their graduation in style! Brooke and Tatum didn't know if their graduation ceremony would take place at all, so they decided instead to do something memorable together. They went out and purchased their own hats and gowns, took a boat out on the waters of Lake of the Woods in Manitoba, and went surfing on their wakeboards fully dressed in their graduation outfits. 

Students around the world have been celebrating their graduation ceremonies in all kinds of creative ways. In Florida, graduates are planning on racing for their diplomas

Footage provided by Viral Hog on June 15, 2020.

Jeremy Hazan
Deputy Editor, Social Publishing