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Canadian Sea Shanty By The Coast Guard Is So Fitting

The Canadian Coast Guard has put out a sea shanty and it's a very fitting song about a boat on the water.

The Coast Guard posted it on Twitter, saying they're "all a-boat trying new things."

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The song is about Samuel Risley, a ship that installs buoys.

The shanty goes through what the people on the boat do, like putting buoys in the water and going out to fix them. It even mentions eating lunch.

"Soon may the lunchtime come to bring us food and tea and gum," the song says.

It also mentions that when the buoys are done one day, they'll take their leave and go.

Canadian musician Alan Doyle got in on the trend of singing sea shanties on social media.

He shared a video of himself doing a duet with another musician on his song "Bully Boys."

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