Canadian Tire's Hilarious Branding Is Giving No Name A Run For Its Money (VIDEOS)

To be frank, we're eating this up!
Canadian Tire's 'Frank' Brand Is Giving Loblaws' 'No Name' A Run For Its Money

Well, it looks like there’s a new player in town. Canadian Tire’s "Frank" brand has the country laughing out loud at the adorable characters and punny names featured on the store’s products. And frankly, when it comes to laughs, they’re giving the popular No Name brand a run for their money.

Canada’s love for No Name products is no joke. In fact, the love is so strong we literally wear it on our sleeves. 

However, recent TikTok videos showcasing Candian Tire’s private label has everyone falling fast for Frank. 

Unlike the no-nonsense dry humour that we’ve come to expect with No Name products, the Frank brand feels like an equally funny, but even more playful alternative. 

From bags of chips with hilarious names like “Frank puts the kettle to the metal” to dish sponges named “Frank doesn’t scrub you the wrong way,” we can’t help but relate to the character. 

The best part? It seems like Frank snacks are actually pretty delicious too, with plenty of people boasting about the chips and candy on social media. 

So if you’re looking for a little laugh, why not check out the snack or cleaning aisle at your local CT?

You never know what Frank will be up to next.

Unlike No Name, Frank doesn’t seem to have its/his own social media... yet.

However, one Canadian took it upon themselves to create a hilarious Instagram account for the brand and it’s too funny.

Others have taken to Twitter to express their need for a Frank account. 

"Wonder how I can score a job in Canadian Tire marketing for Frank products because they are all so FUNNY," one user wrote.

No Name has taken full advantage of their popularity, releasing things like T-shirts, phone screen backgrounds, and even mini BBQs.

That just leaves us wondering when we might see the first Frank T-shirt. 

"Frank suits this down to a tee." We can see it.

So there you have it. Two Canadian brands winning us over with humour and affordable snacks.

Your move, Loblaws Co.!