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6 Canadian TV Shows From Your Childhood That Actually Existed & Weren't Just Fever Dreams

Do you ever think about the Canadian TV shows you watched as a kid and wonder if you're the only one who remembers them? 

Growing up pre-Netflix and pre-streaming sure did make for a unique TV-watching experience, and we think that these shows will give you some serious flashbacks. From cartoons to angsty pre-teen dramas, this list covers it all. 

Yes, these were all real shows. No, they weren't just fever dreams. And no, you're not the only one who remembers them! 

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Radio Free Roscoe

Why is no one talking about this show? This show follows a group of teens who start an underground radio station and keep their identities secret. There's love, friendship, drama, and music. What more could you ask for?

Seven Little Monsters

Is it just us, or did you also completely forget this was a thing until just now? The show follows seven monsters that are named after the numbers one through seven. They're also very large and not "little" at all.


There's no way you forgot about everyone's favourite turtle. This show's theme song is perhaps the most soothing little jingle ever recorded. There's nothing '90s babies loved more than catching up with Franklin and the gang.


This absolutely wild children's gameshow had contestants try to earn points by completing tasks and quizzes. Of course, a man called "The Punisher" also threw goo on their heads if they got questions wrong.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? 

This show had no business being so scary. A group of friends called "The Midnight Society" gather in the woods at the beginning of each episode to tell horrifying ghost stories. We don't know if it would be scary to watch as an adult, but it gave us nightmares when we were young.

The Big Comfy Couch 

If you didn't lie on the floor and try to move your legs like the arms of a clock along with Loonette the Clown, you missed out. This nutty show had a lot going on and was arguably quite strange, but we loved it with fierce loyalty.

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