Canadians Think Canada Has An Affordable Housing Shortage & Many Think They Know The Cause

Both renters and homeowners are worried about housing costs. 🏘️

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An 'Apartment For Rent' sign. Right: Apartment buildings in Vancouver.

An 'Apartment For Rent' sign. Right: Apartment buildings in Vancouver.

Amidst rising interest rates and inflation, a lot of renters and homeowners are struggling with the cost of housing in Canada — and it seems like they think a specific group is to blame.

As per a survey conducted by Habitat for Humanity, it was found that nine out of ten Canadians (or 90%) believe there is a shortage of affordable housing in Canada.

The survey interviewed 1501 Canadians in September 2022.

It found that 54% of renters in Canada are worried about their ability to pay rent, and 31% of homeowners are worried about paying their mortgages.

On top of that, four out of five Canadians are concerned about having to cut down on basic things like food, transportation and other costs to cover housing.

And it seems like many put the blame for the lack of affordable houses on NIMBYs, with 54% of Canadian pointing their fingers at them.

What is a NIMBY?

NIMBY is an acronym for "Not In My Back Yard."

In this context, it's a name for people, typically homeowners, who are opposed to things like affordable housing or similar infrastructure being built in their neighbourhoods.

Over the years, NIMBYs in Canada have come under fire for "making the housing shortage worse with campaigns to block development."

The survey by Habitat for Humanity found that 71% of Canadians agree with the statement, "people worry about the impact of affordable housing on their property values and neighbourhood."

To paint an even bleaker picture, one in ten Canadians said they've experienced discrimination when looking for a house.

In an effort to make housing less of a burden on Canadians, the Canadian government has outlined a few new programs.

Notably, they have given out a one-time payment to Canadian renters, and added more money into the Canada Housing Benefit.

In recent years they've also provided options to make it easier to buy your first home in Canada with things like the Tax-Free First-Home Savings account.

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