South Carolina Is Home To A Dreamy Street Called 'Rainbow Row' With 13 Pastel Houses


​A woman in a dress and red sunglasses outside Rainbow Row. Right: Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC.
Georgia Contributing Writer

A woman in a dress and red sunglasses outside Rainbow Row. Right: Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC.

Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC is a cute street lined with colorful historic homes.

Located on Charleston's picturesque waterfront, this dreamy spot is perfect for taking a walk during golden hour or snapping a photo for your Instagram feed.

Rainbow Row is made up of 13 pastel houses located on East Bay Street.

The properties were initially built in 1740 but lacked the vibrant hues that make them so unique today. They served as residential storefronts with the merchants living on the upper level of the shops.

After war and neglect, the street became run-down and mostly forgotten about, until 1931 when a local couple purchased a few of the houses, hoping to revitalize the block.

The Legge family painted their homes pink, and eventually, their neighbors followed suit, opting to paint their own houses various pastel colors to match.

The domiciles have inspired local lore and legends, surrounding the street's origins and purpose.

One myth says the houses also got their unique hues as a way to aid drunk sailors trying to find their way home for the night. The contrasting paint supposedly helped them determine which building they were staying in, despite their intoxication.

Eventually, city ordinances were put in place to protect the eccentric aesthetic, and ensure the street keeps its colorful charm.

Now Rainbow Row is an iconic, and recognizable destination in the Holy City.

The vivid houses make for a picture-perfect backdrop, and visitors flock to East Bay Street for sightseeing walks, photoshoots, and even weddings.

Rainbow Row

Price: Free

When: Year-Round

Address: 79-107 East Bay St, Charleston, SC

Why You Need To Go: The pastel, cheery aesthetic is perfect for a long walk or to snap a pic to remember your time spend in the Holy City.


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Georgia Contributing Writer
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